How I made it

Hustle and never give up life will always throw difficulty at u

How I normally survive life

I suffers enough in this life ....

I finished my secondary school after I suffered enough though but there is a saying that goes no condition is permanent.

This life na turn by turn u win today u loose tomorrow ....

So as I was saying I sat one day and noticed of a forum called lpv and I said I can't know people doing dis and still be broke so I said I just do dis  no matter wat it would cost me I can't sit like this I chatted the guy and he told me the cost and I paid into his acct so immediately I started earning I want to use this form to tell uh all that lpv is the greatest site ever I know 

Without lpv I won't have money by now they gat me earning every week 

With them I finish paying all my bills I can't just say how much I love this plat form